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COLONEL OBADIAH GUNN - Obadiah Gunn was a good husband and a good father. All he ever wanted was an opportunity to work hard on his own land, raise a fine family and live a nice peaceful existence. But sometimes fate has other plans. He quickly learned that life is not necessarily fair or moral or just. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And so it was that the former U.S. Cavalry officer found himself in the midst of a bloody battle trying to save his home from shady bankers and corrupt lawmen. Well, sometimes the good guys win and sometimes they lose. In this case those "righteous, fine upstanding pillars of the community" took his land, killed his wife and son and left him for dead. Buried alive in a shallow grave, he was pulled out by a strange man in a top hat. The man said "I am Mr. Agitator and I have need of you in another time and heal your wounds and reap vengeance on those who have taken everything dear from you, for in the real world there is no wrong or right...only might! When you have finished this task, I will return for you so that you can join me and others like you who have been wronged. Together we will unite and serve up our own brand of justice. Some will call us heroes, other vigilantes, but most will call us VILLAINS!... so be it!"

CARLOS A. SANTIAGO - A veteran stage and film performer of more than 40 years Carlos Santiago is also the personal manager and co-producer of national touring band "V Is for Villains, as well as his current show "Colonel Obadiah Gunn's Wild West Music Show". Carlos has also performed in and produced countless shows across the United States as well as Central America and Europe. He has performed musical celebrity impersonations like Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Elton John, The Blues Brothers and Frank Sinatra at Biloxi's Treasure Bay Casino, Bally's Casino in New Orleans, Hollywood Casino and more as well as performances down on good old Bourbon Street in New Orleans. For several years Carlos was also the vocalist for The Blue Stars Orchestra based in Biloxi Mississippi.

Film Credits:

Gotham City Police - Batman Begins with Christian Bale
Professional Businessman - Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston
Doctor - Ali with Will Smith
S.W.A.T Team Member - Fox's Series Premier of Prison Break

Stage Credits:

Lead Role - Sky Masterson - Guys and Dolls - KNS Productions - Saenger Theater Biloxi Ms
Lead Role - Lancelot Du Lac - Camelot - Saenger Theater Biloxi Ms

Production Experience:

Show production/directing, acting, scriptwriting, songwriting, set design and construction, video production, stage and "Hollywood" style make-up and costuming. Illustrator/Artist.

Specialized Skills:

Graphic Illustrator; Computer Based Artwork; Mural Artist; Logo Design; Multi-media painter using watercolor, acrylics, oils; WebsiteDesign and Flash Intros and Banners; Photographer and photo editing; Videographer and video editing; Songwriting and sound design; Jingles, Voice-overs and Commercials; Costume design and creation; Make-up specialist; Event Character Design and Creation; Event Marketing

Now Carlos Santiago has created a brand new stage band "Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show" featuring a non-stop, fun filled musical tribute to some of yesteryears best memories. A combination of classic rock music, classic country pop and good old fashioned cowyboy tunes from history, movies and televison shows. Carlos is currently working on a soon to be completed and published fiction novel "The Legend of Colonel Obadiah Gunn".