Prof Francis Fellows

GREG STONE - The professor is the most unlikely member of the Riders, which is what attracted the Colonel to him. The Colonel found him hiding from Texas Rangers in a New Mexico cantina called "La Casa De Diablo". He appears to be somewhat of a Dandy with his fancy vest, derby hat, and trademark spats, but that just belies his function in the Riders. His digital dexterity on the saloon piano distracts the law from his other talent.

The Professor is secretly known to the Riders as "Frankie Fingers", and he plies his special talents on safe tumblers when the Colonel's mission gets low on cash. He may not be the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre, but he is one slick and sneaky dude! GREG STONE

Greg found his talent at the ripe old age of five. After formal training, years of 'a cappella' singing, a stint of knocking around Chicago area venues, and graduation from Elmhurst College, he has worked in various genres and bands. He is excited to be a part of the entertainment package being produced by Colonel Gunn.